Gude Erth Crafts Knitwear

We now have 11 artists represented at Gude Erth Crafts.

Nancy Simmerman is the heart and core of this Lummi Island Gift Shop.



"In 1991, after more than 30 years in Alaska working as a professional outdoor photographer, I retired to this peaceful island to pursue my passion for spinning, knitting and gardening. I grow fruits and vegetables and live gently on 5 acres in a straw-bale house."

Nancy's sweaters, vests, hats, shawls, scarves and garden-clog socks are her original island-inspired designs.

Carefully and individually hand crafted, Nancy's knitwear will provide years of warmth with unique style.

Many of her garments feature hand-spun Lummi Island wool and hand-dyed yarns. All are washable.


Nancy's "Beach-Stone Bonnets" are filled with the colors and textures of the beaches on our island. A small rock collected for the purpose of whimsy is truly a piece of the island.

Nancy makes Locker-hooked rugs that reflect the environment we live in - Northeasters that slam the island making the sea a deep green-blue, starfish resting in tide pools until the waves return, the rich colors and textures of the forests and meadows of our home - Lummi Island is knit or hooked into each and every piece.


Nancy also sells hand-dyed yarn. She has a unique method using ink-jet printer ink. Amazing and varied colors result.